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Captain Freedom - the Book

Captain Freedom - the Book

Freedom’s fifteen minutes are over!

Software pirates! Mostly extinct dinosaurs! Giant barbarians! Crooning criminals! Captain Freedom’s beat them all, saved the world, and looked fantastic doing it—but he couldn’t fend off middle management.

The Superhero lifestyle is all that Captain Freedom has ever known. What’s he supposed to do now? Enter politics? Write a children’s book?

Freedom’s in a bad way and he’s only a stint in rehab away from a lifetime of celebrity reality shows. But with the guidance of his new life coach, maybe Freedom can stumble in a new direction—even if it means having to make peace with his parents . . . or finally commit to a single long-term archenemy.

Advance Praise for Captain FreedomCaptain Freedom is a truly funny and energetic romp of a social satire, a terrific send up of not only of super heroes, but the cult of personality in general. And G. Xavier Robillard isn’t stingy with the ideas, which indicates there’s good things to come. I can’t wait.
Christopher Moore, Author of Lamb and Fool

What do you get when you give a metrosexual superhero a sidekick, an identity crisis and the ability to predict the weather? The answer: Captain Freedom, the lovable hero of Robillard’s debut novel. Once a popular superhero, Freedom’s celebrity is on the wane, and instead of going quietly into retirement, he goes in search of his origin. Along the way, Freedom visits with a life coach, tries to find his lost father and writes his memoirs. He also laments his lack of a completing other half: an arch-nemesis. Causing trouble for Freedom, meanwhile, is the sniveling journalist/would-be superhero Skip Goodwin, whose antagonistic history dates back to the superhero school he and Freedom attended. Although Freedom manages to maintain a successful career into retirement and stay in the public eye, he also has a lot to learn about personal relationships. Robillard keeps the satire fast and furious, with laugh-out-loud moments competing with strangely insightful quips. It’s funny and smart, and even readers who’ve long given up comic books will enjoy the ride.
Publisher’s Weekly

We’ve seen alcoholic superheroes, closeted gay superheroes, even
homicidal superheroes. But we’ve never seen the superhero as neurotic
hipster fame whore. Robillard’s hilarious satire goes somewhere new and
Neal Pollack, author of Alternadad.