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Security - The Taste of Freedom

Freedom Blog: A Fond Farewell

Captain Freedom has maintained this blog for a few years now, and will now retire to his non-public life, where he can focus on things like the Captain Freedom One Man Show, this month in Washington DC, and various other projects.
The Taste Of Freedom will be kept alive for archival purposes. All other work by […]

Unauthorized Captain Freedom Bootleg Appears in North Korea

NB: Shortly after this bootleg translation appeared, ghostwriter G. Xavier Robillard disappeared in Japan, and is thought to have been kidnapped and taken to North Korea. Pending sales of this book, the publisher may or may not lobby for his release. Translated from the Korean.
I did not achieve my seasoned brilliance and celestial harmony […]

Ask The Superhero - Save the Cheerleader, Save the World?

The good people of Medium at Large graciously published this pressing question about cheerleaders.
Is ‘Save the Cheerleader, Save the World’ Always True?
T. Kring,

I’m guessing that you’re asking about this specific plot resolution offered by the hit television show Heroes. Because I’m feeling as magnanimous as Doctor Magma is hot, I will answer this question […]

How to Choose a Secret Identity

The goodly people at Broken Frontier published my suggestions on how to choose a secret identity. It begins thusly:
One of the first tasks handed down to a new Hero is the construction of an alter ego. If you already have an Also Known As before you become super, and you’re satisfied with the alias of […]

Everything Wrong with Online Banking

Online banking is difficult for me. When I first saw my mentor Chief Justice’ secret headquarters I was most impressed with his hidden vault, which he’d bought second-hand, from Al Capone via Geraldo. A platoon of ninjas guarded the entrance. How did I know that these silent, almost invisible killers were there? A trained eye […]

Measuring Windows Vista’s Impact on the Superhero world

Conventional reporters have covered the myriad failures of the initial release of Microsoft Vista, which has more bugs than the Watergate hotel during the primary season. Few have realized the crippling effects that this half-baked operating system has had on those mighty early adopters who protect us all, the superheroes, and their enemies.
Antivirus Software Causes […]

Shocking Truths About Taser Safety

As tasers become used more in daily lives, by everyone from parking lot attendants to perfume counter clerks and at staff meetings we need to outline their safe and effective use. This Instruction Page could be tacked up in every workplace, in between the sexual harassment poster and the federal employment guidelines poster, and covering […]

Why I Can’t Eat Burritos Anymore

Like you I’ve enjoyed burritos my entire life. They’re a tasty cheap food that you can get anywhere, even in foreign countries, like Mexico. They’re compact, great on the run, and if kept in foil they’ll stay warm for some time. But I can no longer eat them.
There’s something about the magical combination of flour, […]

What Kind of Super Person Are You?

There are four separate parts to the Myers-Briggs Super Personality Test, determining what kind of hero, villain, or average schmo you are. Super Personality factors your origin, means of conveyance, your main super-power, and those non-super background characteristics that might explain how you would act around others while, say, robbing a bank of […]

2009 will be the Year of the Free

Or I suppose I could call it the Year of Teh Free, like the young people. In either way, as our New Year progresses, I declare it to be a year of wondrous freedom. Last year we heard the thundering crash of my retirement account, but this year that sound will be the crashing of […]