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Heroism - The Taste of Freedom

Freedom Blog: A Fond Farewell

Captain Freedom has maintained this blog for a few years now, and will now retire to his non-public life, where he can focus on things like the Captain Freedom One Man Show, this month in Washington DC, and various other projects.
The Taste Of Freedom will be kept alive for archival purposes. All other work by […]

Harrassed By the Press, Once Again

UPDATE:  You can listen to my appearance on the radio, in which I excoriate G. Xavier Robillard and give my radio host the what for, at this internet address.
I’ll be appearing from 11-midnight on Blog Talk Radio’s Unusable Signal this Saturday, March 28. For the record it will be the first time they’ve interviewed a […]

What? Giving Away Freedom to Canadians? Win Free Books Now!

That’s right good people. Even Canadians can win chances to read Captain Freedom, although it was neither translated into French, French-Canadian, Acadian, or Saskatchewan.
How to win:

Go to the Book Lady’s Blog. You should go there anyway, because she’s a nice lady who reads. On this page you will read a lovely review of Captain Freedom. […]

7 Practical Ways To Cheat Death At the Hands of Your Enemies

(at left, invisible pitbull)

Rely on the incompetence of his crew
Your enemy will likely hire a gang with sub-par talents. The labor pool for henchmen is of notoriously poor quality, as people with any drive or talent quickly move up the crime ladder. If the henchmen were supposed to tie you up, they were likely to […]

Captain Freedom Live - the Seven Levels of Nerdgasm

G. Xavier Robillard performs a reading about the Watchmen movie in Cambridge, MA.

Captain Freedom Reviews: Baltimore Sun

This is exactly what satire is supposed to be: cutting, yet light.Robillard is a guy who looks at the world around him, really understands what motivates people and then completely skewers it. Nearly every paragraph is a punchline, and if it isn’t funny yet, it will be by the end of the chapter.
You can read […]

Freedom for New York City - What Should I Read?

Today I’m reading in NYC, at McNally Jackson Books, and then will retire to a local bar to rid the world of some fierce Scottish stout. According to custom, I have no idea yet what I’m reading.  You can leave your thoughts below in the comments… if you dare.
I’m mostly writing this sentence so I’ll […]

Captain Freedom in The Wire

Not The Wire involving surveillance, canny drug dealers and corrupt cops - The Wire in Portsmouth, NH.
He may be endowed with an arsenal of superpowers that would make Spiderman jealous, but Captain Freedom has problems.
It’s not just that nefarious mutant supervillains are constantly trying to exterminate him. His crime-fighting career is going down the tubes, […]

The Seven Levels of Nerdgasm

The good people at have published my story detailing the anticipation a movie Fanboy goes through while waiting for their favorite movie, the Watchmen, to come out.
A friend forwards an email from a temp in the legal department of DC Comics: “They’re making a movie of Watchmen. Nothing confirmed.” He pulled it off one […]

Unauthorized Captain Freedom Bootleg Appears in North Korea

NB: Shortly after this bootleg translation appeared, ghostwriter G. Xavier Robillard disappeared in Japan, and is thought to have been kidnapped and taken to North Korea. Pending sales of this book, the publisher may or may not lobby for his release. Translated from the Korean.
I did not achieve my seasoned brilliance and celestial harmony […]