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Ask The Superhero - The Taste of Freedom

Freedom Blog: A Fond Farewell

Captain Freedom has maintained this blog for a few years now, and will now retire to his non-public life, where he can focus on things like the Captain Freedom One Man Show, this month in Washington DC, and various other projects.
The Taste Of Freedom will be kept alive for archival purposes. All other work by […]

Ask The Superhero - Narwhal Vs. Unicorn

Who would win in a fight? the reclusive Narwhal or the magical unicorn?
Find out in my column in the Powell’s Books blog.

Ask The Superhero - Save the Cheerleader, Save the World?

The good people of Medium at Large graciously published this pressing question about cheerleaders.
Is ‘Save the Cheerleader, Save the World’ Always True?
T. Kring,

I’m guessing that you’re asking about this specific plot resolution offered by the hit television show Heroes. Because I’m feeling as magnanimous as Doctor Magma is hot, I will answer this question […]

Ask The Superhero: Zombies and Pirates

Will Zombies Ever Be As Cool as Vampires, and Do You think Pirates Are Sell-outs?
-I. M. Missing-pieces, Recently disturbed tomb, Haiti.
First off that’s two questions. I’d like to tell you about my feelings on vampires, but that will have to wait for another time.
Some of you might think that Pirates are sell-outs only since the […]

Ask The Superhero - Rescuing Small Crap Countries

What’s the appeal of rescuing small, defenseless countries that nobody cares about?
Just Curious,
Barry O’ Bama
–sent from my Blackberry

I assume this is a thinly veiled reference to Kuwait. I haven’t been reading my news feeds today — did it get invaded again?
You have to dance with the one what brought you. If the giant casino […]

What Are Superdelegates?

Given the complexity of the Democratic Party’s nominating process, I thought I’d answer a few questions about Superdelegates. My sources include senior Democratic officials and stuff I read in Wikipedia.
What are Superdelegates?
Superdelegates arrive at the Democratic Party’s nominating convention in a large spaceship from their home planet. As you may gather from their name, they […]

Power vs. Responsibility

Dear Captain,
Is it always true that with great power comes great responsibility?
-Jimmy Olsen from Dundas, MN
This is pablum of the worst kind, a stereotype perpetuated by the media that gets me in trouble at work, with my girlfriend, and with my family. ‘Take out the garbage,’ she says. ‘I don’t feel like it,’ I reply. […]