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Dish - The Taste of Freedom

Freedom Blog: A Fond Farewell

Captain Freedom has maintained this blog for a few years now, and will now retire to his non-public life, where he can focus on things like the Captain Freedom One Man Show, this month in Washington DC, and various other projects.
The Taste Of Freedom will be kept alive for archival purposes. All other work by […]

7 Ways to Keep Your Website Secure from Supervillains

Recently this very site was overtaken by some evildoers and I had to fight them off with some fancy computer hacking kung-fu ( I sprayed their eyes with some olive oil from my special chrome mister). But we shouldn’t let this happen again, so here is my 7-step plan:

Keep your password safe. Write it down […]

Harrassed By the Press, Once Again

UPDATE:  You can listen to my appearance on the radio, in which I excoriate G. Xavier Robillard and give my radio host the what for, at this internet address.
I’ll be appearing from 11-midnight on Blog Talk Radio’s Unusable Signal this Saturday, March 28. For the record it will be the first time they’ve interviewed a […]

What? Giving Away Freedom to Canadians? Win Free Books Now!

That’s right good people. Even Canadians can win chances to read Captain Freedom, although it was neither translated into French, French-Canadian, Acadian, or Saskatchewan.
How to win:

Go to the Book Lady’s Blog. You should go there anyway, because she’s a nice lady who reads. On this page you will read a lovely review of Captain Freedom. […]

Freedom Comes Alive At NPR

Listen to Excerpts of G. Xavier Robillard read from Captain Freedom at McNally Jackson. Aside from his reading he talks about giving up comics in a desperate attempt to get girls. Which we believe was a total failure.
From the NPR introduction:
A native of Long Island, Robillard is a long-suffering Mets fan, a musician and a […]

Curled Up With Freedom

The Good People at curled up with a good book want to curl up with me! Or at least, my book:

Fans of superhero parody movies like The Incredibles will get a chuckle out of this book, but just about anyone will find much to smile and laugh at through this story of a superhero’s desire […]

Slander from the International Society of Supervillains

There is a new unspeakable evil out there, and if I weren’t all set with a nemesis I’d consider taking up this group. I mean, I’m not exactly all set with a nemesis. I’m mostly seeing one, maybe two nemeses. It’s ComplicatedTM. Mostly I don’t want to lead these villains on. Because that’s not what […]

Who’s Looking Out for Number Three?

That’s right. At Powell’s, Captain Freedom weighs in at Number three in their bestseller list. Cannot beat that with a boom tube.
Although how are you supposed to beat an empty book?

Captain Freedom in the Edge

In which I’m compared to an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I’ll take it.
Not only is it consistently funny throughout, but it is packed with so many gags, riffs and rimshots that even if one bit doesn’t make you chuckle, chances are the next one will.
Read the rest in Boston Edge.

Captain Freedom Live - the Seven Levels of Nerdgasm

G. Xavier Robillard performs a reading about the Watchmen movie in Cambridge, MA.