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The Taste of Freedom - Just another Superhero weblog

Captain Freedom: Books and Booze

Tonight I’ll be reading at the Red Door, a bar/lounge in Portsmouth NH, to help inaugurate the new RiverRun reading series, Books and Booze. There will even be a superhero-themed drink for the evening.

You can read more about the event in the Portsmouth Herald.

Powell’s Blog - My Own Hall of Fame Achievement

Everyone’s abuzz about the Oscars, but I’d like to disclose my own Hall of Fame, Oscar-worthy performance: I once ate 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. In a day.

The day started out normally. Early in the morning, when it was time to pack lunch, I threw a peach in my bag. Maybe I’d eat it on the train.

That never happens. The only circumstances under which I’ll eat a peach or an orange is if I’m surrounded by a Greek diner’s worth of napkins and perhaps some sort of trough or spittoon to catch the errant juices.

Nutritionists complain about the American diet. But until someone contains the peach and other exuberantly succulent fruits I’ll stick with the Pringles, better yet any potato chip that is presented in a paper bag that could double as a napkin.

Read all about it in

Freedom for New York City - What Should I Read?

Today I’m reading in NYC, at McNally Jackson Books, and then will retire to a local bar to rid the world of some fierce Scottish stout. According to custom, I have no idea yet what I’m reading.  You can leave your thoughts below in the comments… if you dare.

I’m mostly writing this sentence so I’ll know where to find it later: Britain’s top 10 funniest books.  I’ve always meant to read Lucky Jim.

My disorganized thoughts will appear in a blog this week for Powell’ In the meantime, enjoy these kind words from the Inside Flap.


Captain Freedom in The Wire

Not The Wire involving surveillance, canny drug dealers and corrupt cops - The Wire in Portsmouth, NH.

He may be endowed with an arsenal of superpowers that would make Spiderman jealous, but Captain Freedom has problems.

It’s not just that nefarious mutant supervillains are constantly trying to exterminate him. His crime-fighting career is going down the tubes, largely because of his failure to commit to a long-term archnemesis. His girlfriend isn’t speaking to him. His sidekick hasn’t been taking his calls. And, worst of all, the world he is duty-bound to protect doesn’t seem to appreciate him one bit.

You can read the rest of the article in The Wire.

Interviewed by the Phoenix

You might have thought that the Phoenix was destroyed at the end of the final X-Men movie, which had the subtitle (let’s ram this franchise into the ground in a way that makes Howard the Duck look good).

But no. The Phoenix is back, masquerading as a Portland newspaper, and providing an interview with G. Xavier Robillard.

Key question to be answered:

Neal Pollack called Captain Freedom “A neurotic hipster fame whore.” ‘Fess up: how much of Freedom’s persona is really you?

[find out in the above link]

The Seven Levels of Nerdgasm

The good people at have published my story detailing the anticipation a movie Fanboy goes through while waiting for their favorite movie, the Watchmen, to come out.

A friend forwards an email from a temp in the legal department of DC Comics: “They’re making a movie of Watchmen. Nothing confirmed.” He pulled it off one of those fanfic forums with animated GIFs of flaming swords in the header, a site that boasts of the Web’s largest collection of scanned renderings of Wonder Woman naked.

our heart flutters but you can’t believe the rumor. No way that’s happening. The narrative structure’s too complicated for a two hour movie. It covers a 40 year time span. How would they include the story of the Black Frigate, the comic book within the comic book? Still, you’re curious.

It was like that rumor that Betsy Anderson, the prettiest girl in high school, was going to ask you to the senior prom. You were in 10th grade, and she wasn’t asking to repay you for helping her rewire her circuit board in shop or because she needed a college letter of recommendation from your father, who taught her AP chem class. She asked you because she was prone to experimentation, which she would later express by dating women, eating LSD and dabbling in Buddhism while at Oberlin. But in high school the wild streak was limited to dating younger men in the chess club.

See the rest in

Tonight in Salem, MA and an Interview with Ms. Claire Zulkey

Get Your Pitchforks and Torches Ready: tonight, in Salem Massachusetts, home of the BBQ Witch-fry-wich, I’m reading at Cornerstone Books.

No offense to our Wiccan-American friends.

It’s Friday the 13th, and a book reading is a great way to get prepped for the new Friday the 13th movie, about a young, sensitive Jason Vorhees, who tries to find compassion in an unsympathetic world by donning a hockey mask and killing a fuckload of people.

An interview with Robillard today at

West Coast Stomps East Coast for Freedom Lovers

My sources (self googling) just informed me that Captain Freedom is on the bestseller list at Powell’s. Above, of course, The Chronicles of Theophanes, so yes, my life story is more successful than the life of a Byzantine monk. As it should be.

Powell’s of course is in the River City, aka Stumptown, aka Portland. Sitting here from the communications center of the secret headquarters at Undisclosed Location, USA, I would love to give you Oregonians a giant community chest bump. But alas, I will not, because your chest is probably soggy from all that rain.

East Coast, it’s time to throw down, to show your love for Freedom, you can be the Biggie Smalls to the West Coast readers Tupac. Or will you remain satisfied to be the East Coast equivalent to Flavah Flav, swinging that ridiculous clock around and showing up in a reality dating show? We both know you’re better than that. It’s time to bring it.

Banned In Boston

Captain Freedom will be in Boston tomorrow at Borders, at 1 PM sharp. A very nice gentleperson from the Beantown Bloggery can tell you his experience.

10-24 School St. Boston, MA 02108

Tonight Freedom Live at Budokan. I mean Brookline

I will be reading tonight at the Brookline Booksmith, in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner.

279 Harvard St
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 566-6660

7 PM sharp.

The Boston Herald has some nice things to say about it.